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Trustkill Records


This Is Hell "Sundowning"

Picking up where bands like American Nightmare left off, This Is Hell brings us 13 heart-wrenching songs. Merging straightforward hardcore power with a newfound melodic sensibility, This Is Hell has made "Sundowning" a near-perfect contemporary hardcore release. Artwork/design by Jacob Bannon (Converge). New pressing now available on red and black marble vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Retrospect
2. Prelude (Again)
3. Here Come The Rains
4. Permanence
5. 4/8/05
6. The Polygraph Cheaters
7. Deliver Me
8. The Absentee Ballot
9. Broken Teeth
10. 8/27/05
11. Procession Commence
12. Nobody Leaves Without Singing The Blues
13. Epilogue
14. Double Grave (LP only bonus track)