All Out War "Crawl Among The Filth" $17.00
Boundaries "Your Receding Warmth" $9.00
Cast In Blood / Foreign Hands "Lapsed Requiems (Split)" from $8.00
Left Behind "Blessed By The Burn" $11.00
Left Behind "Seeing Hell" from $11.00
Lowered A.D. "New Depths" $14.00
On Sight "Cause Of Pain" $10.00
Orthodox "Let It Take Its Course" from $10.00
Orthodox "Sounds Of Loss" $9.00
Queensway "Swift Minds Of The Darkside" $9.00
Stigmata "Conditioned To Murder" from $11.00
Stigmata "Hymns For An Unknown God" $17.00
V/A "...Before Metal Was Cool" from $11.00