Revelation Vinyl

Battery "For The Rejected By The Rejected" $20.00
Be Well "Hello Sun"
Be Well "Hello Sun"
Be Well "Hello Sun" from $10.00
Beyond "Dew It! / Live Crucial Chaos WNYU"
Out of Stock
Beyond "No Longer At Ease" $17.00
Bluebird "s/t" from $6.00
Burn "Last Great Sea" $9.00
Burn "s/t" $9.00
By A Thread "s/t" from $11.00
Chain Of Strength "The One Thing That Still Holds True" from $11.00
CIV "Set Your Goals"
Out of Stock
Constant Elevation "Freedom Beach" $9.00
Constant Elevation "s/t" $9.00
Crippled Youth "Join The Fight" $12.00
Dag Nasty "Minority Of One" from $11.00
Damnation A.D. "Kingdom Of Lost Souls" from $11.00
Dare "Against All Odds" from $8.00
Down To Nothing "Greetings From Richmond, Virginia" $9.00
Down To Nothing "Life On The James"
Out of Stock
Down To Nothing "Live! On The James" $17.00
Down To Nothing "The Most" from $11.00
Down To Nothing "Unbreakable" from $11.00
Drain "California Cursed" from $8.00
Elliott "False Cathedrals"
Out of Stock
Elliott "Song In The Air" from $11.00
Elliott "U.S. Songs" from $11.00
Fall Silent "Cart Return" $9.00
Fall Silent "You Knew I Was Poison" from $11.00
Farside "Rochambeau" from $11.00
Farside "The Monroe Doctrine" $17.00
Fell To Low "Low In The Dust" $17.00
Forced Order "Retribution" $9.00
Forced Order "Vanished Crusade" from $11.00
Gameface "Every Last Time" from $11.00
Gameface "I Owe You One b/w Two Gunslingers" $9.00
Garrison "The Bend Before The Break" from $6.00
GIVE "Sonic Bloom" $14.00
Gorilla Biscuits "s/t" from $8.00
Gorilla Biscuits "Start Today" from $10.00
Himsa "Death Is Infinite" $9.00
Himsa "Ground Breaking Ceremony" from $11.00
Himsa "s/t" from $6.00
Ignite "Call On My Brothers" from $11.00
Ignite "Past Our Means" from $8.00
In My Eyes "The Difference Between" from $11.00
Inside Out "No Spiritual Surrender"
Out of Stock
Into Another "Ignaurus" $11.00
Into Another "s/t" from $11.00
Jeff Caudill "Voice b/w Wishing Well" $9.00
Judge "Bringin' It Down" from $8.00
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