Beach Impediment Records


Larma "s/t"

Considering the folks in this band have been responsible for a large portion of the top-tier, raging hardcore punk to come from the greater Scandinavian area via their previous endeavors in the likes of Skitkids, Heratys, Infernoh, and loads more over the past couple decades, it's not even remotely surprising that the contents of this 12" are a remarkable regional tutorial of sorts worked into a proper ass kicking from start to finish. Eleven tracks of kangpunk hysteria that is not for the faint of heart. Each record comes in a UV-gloss jacket featuring cover art by the band's own Jonas Pungen. Limited edition of 500 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Elitens Eskapism
2. Mansklighetens Mastare
3. Lyckad Och Upplyst
4. Avstandets Psykologi
5. Ni Kan Se Mig
6. Konkurrens Ar Livet
7. Samma Pack
8. Matad Med Var Frihet
9. Satsa Pa Dig Sjalv
10. Det Du Inte Ska Se
11. Logner Och Konfetti