Beach Impediment Records


Golpe "Assuefazione Quotidiana"


Serving as the highly anticipated follow up to 2021's "La Colpa E Solo Tua" on the Sorry State label, Tadzio Pederzolli (the mastermind behind this one-man band) has once again gifted us with an ace hardcore-punk recording, upping the fervor and delivery in a way that most couldn't imagine after the already furious debut full-length, which he also recorded on his own during the pandemic. The "Assuefazione Quotidiana" 7" EP features five absolute pounders of tracks, giving us more of the D-beat-based hardcore punk listeners came to love from the initial release with nods to Italian classics as the foundation of it all, topped off with politically and socially charged lyrics challenging modern norms and injustices. Truly a breath of fresh air sonically and philosophically.

Track Listing:

1. Una Guerra In TV
2. Diritto Di Obbedire
3. Ogni Giorno Malattia
4. Un Nuovo Inizio
5. Teoria In Pratica