Beach Impediment Records


Mercenary "Demos Collection"


While this is titled "Demos Collection," it's actually a discography - the collected works of one of the most ferocious hardcore groups to come out of the Southeast in the last decade. Vocalist Michael "Ruby" Rubenstein was at his most unchained in Mercenary, and his performance here has been likened to a "Neanderthal's battle cry." In 2021, Ruby passed away unexpectedly, a devastating loss for friends, punks, and music dorks around the world. LP includes a 14" x 14" poster and is limited to 500 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Feeding
2. No Uniform
3. Life
4. Escape Reality
5. Violent Action
6. Religious System
7. Dreams/Reality
8. Urban Decay
9. Dogs Of Death
10. Impatient Culture
11. Suffer
12. Pain And Profit