Beach Impediment Records


Long Knife "Curb Stomp Earth"


The third chapter in the decade-long existence of one of the most depraved Portland, OR, hardcore bands ever. Every song on this record offers something different, whether it's keyboards, horns (yep), what sounds to be operatic gang vocals, or just straight-up hardcore bangers. And of course, the lyrics are just as cynical, disturbing, and well written as we've come to expect. LP includes an 18" x 27" poster.

Track Listing:

1. Modern Fatigue
2. Trip To The River
3. Curb Stomp Earth
4. Uncle Phil
5. Blue Rose
6. If You Want Blood
7. The Curse
8. Scum
9. Shut Down
10. Survival
11. Burnside Bop
12. Hello America
13. Coast 2 Coast