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First Blood "Killafornia"

First Blood is not an unknown band by any means, the group features ex-Terror bassist Carl Schwartz on vocals and current Terror member Doug Weber on guitar. Hailing from San Francisco, First Blood formed in early 2002 from the ashes of Sworn Vengeance, a band in which Carl and Doug were both members. Previously releasing music on Division 36 Records, First Blood impressed many for their brutal delivery, and in your face lyrics dealing with both social and political subjects.

Track Listing:

1. Next Time I See You, You're Dead
2. First Blood
3. Conspiracy
4. Suffocate
5. Execution
6. Victim
7. Conflict
8. Tides
9. Regimen
10. Unbroken
11. Armageddon
12. No Cure (LP only bonus track)