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Fightstar "Grand Unification"

Fightstar is the product of frontman Charlie Simpson's marked preference for heavier guitar rock over the music he had previously produced with the highly successful guitar pop-trio Busted. His intention to carry on carving out a musical career in a different genre has continued with the release of Fightstar's first full-length album, "Grand Unification." With raw power, melodic guitars and hard rock hooks, Fightstar show the world that they know exactly where they are going. Complete with an unreleased bonus song, "Fight With Us," the album will floor you with its sincerity and driving rhythms.

Track Listing:

1. To Sleep
2. Grand Unification Pt. 1
3. Waste A Moment
4. Sleep Well Tonight
5. Paint Your Target
6. Build An Army
7. Here Again (Last Conversation)
8. Lost Like Tears In Rain
9. Open Your Eyes
10. Mono
11. Hazy Eyes
12. Grand Unification Pt. II
13. Wake Up