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Tony Sly "12 Song Program"

After more than 20 years at the helm of the legendary punk rock act No Use For A Name, Tony Sly continues to illustrate his songwriting prowess with the release of his first full-length solo album, "12 Song Program." "12 Song Program" serves to display an angle of Tony's songwriting that rarely emerged in the medium of punk rock, with notable influences including such varied artists as The Beatles, Iron And Wine, Conor Oberst and Elliott Smith. As a whole, "12 Song Program" is a triumphant foray into new territory for Tony Sly, bolstered by intriguing and unforgettable melodies that leave the listener craving more.

Track Listing:

1. Capo, 4th Fret
2. Via Munich
3. The Shortest Pier
4. Already Won
5. AM
6. Expired
7. Keira
8. Toaster In The Bathtub
9. Love, Sick Love
10. Amends
11. Second Act (End Credits)
12. Fireball