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Lagwagon "Let's Talk About Feelings"

Let's Talk About Feelings from Lagwagon has been remastered and is set for re-release along with 14 bonus outtake, 7", acoustic, and demo tracks that have never before been released.

Track Listing:

1. After You My Friend
2. Gun In Your Hand
3. Leave The Light On
4. Change Despair
5. Train
6. Hurry Up And Wait
7. Everything Turns Grey
8. Love Story
9. Messengers
10. The Kids Are All Wrong
11. May 16
12. Owen Meaney
13. A Feedbag Of Truckstop Poetry (bonus track)
14. Alison's Disease (bonus track)
15. Narrow Straits (bonus track)
16. Eat Your Words (bonus track)
17. Want (bonus track)
18. Burn That Bridge When We Get To It (bonus track)
19. Losing Everyone (bonus track)
20. Jimmy Johnson (bonus track)
21. Randal Gets Drunk (bonus track)
22. Messengers (original version) (bonus track)
23. Bring On The Dancing Horses (bonus track)
24. Off The Wagon (demo) (bonus track/previously unreleased)
25. May 16 (acoustic version) (bonus track/previously unreleased)