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Fat Wreck Chords


Lagwagon "Hoss"

Hoss from Lagwagon has been remastered and is set for re-release along with 12 bonus outtake, acoustic, and demo tracks that have never before been released.

Track Listing:

1. Kids Don't Like To Share
2. Violins
3. Name Dropping
4. Bombs Away
5. Move The Car
6. Sleep
7. Sick
8. Rifle
9. Weak
10. Black Eyes
11. Bro Dependent
12. Razor Burn
13. Shaving Your Head
14. Ride The Snake
15. Wind In Your Sail (bonus track)
16. Drive By (bonus track)
17. Over The Hill (bonus track)
18. Laymen's Terms (bonus track)
19. Defeat You (bonus track)
20. Name Dropping (early version) (bonus track)
21. Bitter Old Man (bonus track)
22. Sinatragandhi (bonus track)
23. Black Eyes (acoustic version) (bonus track)
24. Sick (demo) (bonus track)
25. Shaving Your Head (demo) (bonus track)
26. Derrick Instrumental (demo) (bonus track)
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