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The Bombpops "Death In Venice Beach"

Where The Bombpops had a "Fear Of Missing Out" on their 2017 debut full-length, their highly anticipated follow-up shows what happens when you're too involved with booze, bad situations, and behavior that's unsustainable at best and destructive at worst. What draws The Bombpops hasn't changed on their newest effort: highly melodic punk with big guitars, vocal harmonies, and the SoCal sound that inspired the quartet to pick up instruments. But the more light-hearted skate punk of "Fear Of Missing Out" has a serrated edge on "Death In Venice Beach," as they explore darker themes (even though the songs are catchier than ever) drawing from real-life experiences leading up to and during the making of the album. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Dearly Departed
2. Double Arrows Down
3. Zero Remorse
4. Notre Dame
5. Sad To Me
6. Can't Come Clean
7. Blood Pact
8. In The Doghouse
9. 13 Stories Down
10. Radio Silence
11. House On Fire
12. Southbound Stranger