Fat Wreck Chords


Swingin' Utters "The Streets Of San Francisco"

The debut full-length from Swingin' Utters, this record has been out of print on vinyl since New Red first issued it in 1995.

Track Listing:

1. Storybook Disease
2. Jackie Jab
3. Tied Down, Spit On
4. Teenage Genocide
5. Catastrophe
6. Mr. Believer
7. Well Wisher
8. No Place In The Sun
9. Petty Wage
10. Come On
11. No Eager Men
12. Beached Sailor
13. (Take Me To The) Riverbank
14. Just Like Them
15. Stars And Starlets
16. Soldier Boy
17. Last Chance
18. All Laced Up
19. Expletive Deleted