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PEARS "Green Star"

PEARS laid siege to the punk world with their 2014 debut release, "Go To Prison," and has been on a buzz-generating rampage ever since. After spending the better part of two years turning the hardcore scene on its ear, PEARS continues along the warpath with their hotly anticipated second full-length, "Green Star." "Green Star" rages with 16 tracks that are loaded with blazingly fast spurts of aggression. Re-recorded versions of "Snowflake" and "Anhedonia" (previously heard on last year's "Letters To Memaw" 7") take on new life, thanks in part to A Wilhelm Scream guitarist Mike Supina who helped engineer the album. Alongside Supina, James Whitten, who also helped produce "Go To Prison," works his magic on 14 tracks of unstoppable hardcore. Vinyl version includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Christmas '91
2. Hinged By Spine
3. Cumshots
4. I Love My Kennel
5. Anhedonia
6. The Flu
7. Green Star
8. Bug Aware
9. Partridge
10. Dizzy Is Drunk
11. Snowflake
12. Cloverleaf
13. The Tile Of St. Stewart
14. Doorbell
15. Jump The Fuckin' Ship
16. Great Mt. Ida