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No Use For A Name "Rarities Vol. I: The Covers"

No Use For A Name is one of THE most successful and prolific acts to come out of the '90s skate-punk scene. Their long, unpredictable journey has been full of twists, turns and alternate routes that led them to be one of the best-selling outfits of their genre. This rarities compilation is one of those twists, as it compiles rare versions of cover tracks the band performed throughout their career, including tracks from Depeche Mode, Sublime, the Misfits and many more. Vinyl version includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Turning Japanese
2. Hybrid Moments
3. I've Heard
4. Selwyn's Got A Problem
5. Enjoy The Silence
6. Badfish
7. Dream Police
8. Fairytale Of New York
9. Making Our Dreams Come True
10. 1945
11. Don't Cry For Me Argentina
12. The Munsters' Theme
13. Beth