Fat Wreck Chords


No Use For A Name "Keep Them Confused"

No Use For A Name was one of independent music's most dominant and everlasting forces; and nothing could have solidified their firm grip on the underground at the time more so than their 2005 record, "Keep Them Confused," did. It was their fifth full-length with Fat Wreck Chords and it documented the band's sincere dedication to quality songwriting and energetic punk rock. For a decade, No Use For A Name had been a mainstay of the genre, and the brilliant "Keep Them Confused" was a true breakthrough for the band. Now available again on vinyl. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Part Two
2. There Will Be Revenge
3. For Fiona
4. Check For A Pulse
5. Divine Let Down
6. Black Box
7. Bullets
8. Failing Is Easier (Part Three)
9. Apparaition
10. It's Tragic
11. Killing Time
12. Slowly Fading Fast
13. Overdue