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Lagwagon "Double Plaidinum"

Double Plaidinum from Lagwagon has been remastered and is set for re-release along with 11 bonus outtake, acoustic, and demo tracks that have never before been released.

Track Listing:

1. Alien 8
2. Making Friends
3. Unfurnished
4. One Thing To Live
5. Today
6. Confession
7. Bad Scene
8. Smile
9. Twenty Seven
10. Choke
11. Failure
12. To All My Friends
13. Goodbye
14. Brodeo (bonus track)
15. Raise A Family (bonus track)
16. Restrain (bonus track)
17. No One Like You (bonus track)
18. Freedom Of Choice (bonus track)
19. Twenty Seven (original mix) (bonus track)
20. Alien 8 (acoustic version) (bonus track)
21. Making Friends (acoustic version) (bonus track)
22. Brodeo (acoustic version) (bonus track)
23. Goodbye (acoustic version) (bonus track)
24. To All My Friends (acoustic version) (bonus track)