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Bambix "Club Matuchek"

Bambix is a dutch three-piece punk rock band that has been around some 13 years. Bambix plays fresh and vital punk rock with female vocals. Bambix is all about catchy, varying yet grounded songs without lacking ambition that you'll want to hear over and aver again. With "Club Matuchek", the bands' fifth full-length, Bambix follows their long-lasting tradition of quality releases. These 13 new songs are by far their best effort to date. So open another can of beer and prepare for another new masterpiece. Hell yeah!

Track Listing:

1. Spotlight
2. Revolution
3. Leaking Fuel
4. Fundamentalist
5. No Way
6. So Sorry Song
7. Flippin
8. Coupe Turn-Off
9. No
10. Less Drunk
11. Jester
12. Bullet
13. Media Medusa