Equal Vision Records


This Day Forward "In Response"

Pennsylvania's This Day Forward took the traditional elements of hardcore, metal, and rock, then brought them together in a new way. Compared to such bands as Thursday, At The Drive-In, Converge, and even the Deftones, This Day Forward composed a mix of sounds and atmosphere that fell outside most labels and categories. After releasing two solid releases ("The Transient Effects Of Light On Water" and "Kairos") on Florida-based Eulogy Recordings, the band signed up with Equal Vision in late 202. Now available on colored vinyl. LP includes digital download and is limited to 500 copies.

Track Listing:

1. White Picket Defense System
2. One And One
3. The Breath
4. In The Past...On The Ground
5. Euphio Question
6. Fragile Version
7. The Red Room
8. Abandon The Abbreviated World
9. Nouveau
10. Voice
11. Seven