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Sadistik "Altars"

An alternative rap artist based in Seattle, WA, Sadistik (born Cody Foster in Yakima, WA) takes pride in his deep, cerebral and complicated rhyming style. A graduate of Central Washington University, he released his first album, "The Balancing Act," in 2008, with guest appearances from Vast Aire and Mac Lethal. After issuing a pair of EPs, 2015's "Phantom Limbs" (a collaboration with Kno of Cunninlynguists) and 2016's "Salo Sessions," Sadistik releases his fourth full-length, "Altars."

Track Listing:

1. Voodoo Dali
2. God Complex
3. Free Spirits
4. Roaches
5. Honeycomb
6. Cotard's Syndrome
7. Salem Witches
8. Sacrifice
9. Water
10. Molecules
11. Kaleidoscope
12. Silhouettes