Run For Cover Records


Wicca Phase Springs Eternal "Secret Boy"

Through a unique and extensive discography that features a diverse range of sounds, inspirations, and collaborators, Wicca Phase Springs Eternal has become an influential pioneer in a vital new direction of underground music. Adam McIlwee's instinct for innovation dates back to his time in Tigers Jaw, the trailblazing band he spearheaded before walking away in 2013 to embark on another ambitious new chapter. In anticipation of the new Wicca Phase Springs Eternal album due out early next year, Run For Cover will be reissuing 2016's "Secret Boy" LP. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. It Takes
2. Scars On Me
3. Secret Boy
4. How Could You Not Like That
5. I'm Not Gonna Do It
6. Me Is Who I Love
7. Like I'm Tom May
8. Lights On Paper
9. Lake Of Fire
10. Not Like This
11. I Lose Everything
12. Until I Walk Through The Flames