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Night Verses "Into The Vanishing Light"

"Into The Vanishing Light," Night Verses' sophomore full-length, was recorded in Venice Beach, CA, with legendary producer Ross Robinson (Glassjaw, At The Drive In, The Cure). The album puts a newfound emphasis on utilizing their instruments in unique and innovative ways to create a dense, atmospheric sound and experience for listeners. For fans of Letlive., Hail The Sun, A Lot Like Birds and Closure In Moscow.

Track Listing:

1. The Future As History: I Love You Dead
2. Connecting Hexes
3. Drift
4. A Dialogue In Cataplexy
5. Vantablack
6. Faceless Youth
7. Panic And Pull Your Heart Out
8. Growing Out Of Orbit
9. Blue Shades Of The Sun
10. Strange Graves
11. Phoenix III: Into The Vanishing Light