Run For Cover Records


Narrow Head "12th House Rock"

Narrow Head's highly anticipated new LP, "12th House Rock," arrives on Run For Cover Records. Delving into deep-seated themes of self-loathing, desolation, self-medication, the loss of loved ones, and hopeful redemption, "12th House Rock" is, as the title suggests, a rock-focused LP themed on transition - exploring the vast abyss of darkness just before the sun cracks upon the horizon. Using distorted guitars as their primary vehicle, Narrow Head's wall of riffs add stark contrast to their best quality: deceptively sweet, pop melodies that channel the lessons of My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau Twins, Helmet, Deftones, and Guided By Voices all at once.

Track Listing:

1. Yer' Song
2. Ponderosa Sun Club
3. Stuttering Stanley
4. 12th House
5. Hard To Swallow
6. Crankcase
7. Nodding Off
8. Night Tryst
9. Emmadazey
10. Wastrel
11. Delano Door
12. Bulma
13. Evangeline Dream