Bullet Tooth Records


Knockout Kid "Manic"


Knockout Kid's unique brand of aggressive pop-punk/hardcore has solidified them as one of the frontrunners of the scene, and they've spent the last year touring the U.S. and Canada extensively in support of their self-released debut, "ICWTJD." Having been compared to Four Year Strong, A Day To Remember, and The Wonder Years, Knockout Kid hit the studio earlier this year to add their own twist on the sound they have come to call their own. The debut 12-song album, "Manic," will be released worldwide on Bullet Tooth. These are the remaining copies from Black Friday 2016 on blue and white marble vinyl, limited to 300 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Stay Lit
2. Going, Going, Gone
3. What You're Afraid To Say
4. Empire Business
5. Jurassic Park After Dark
6. Handbook For The Recently Deceased
7. Atlas Absolved
8. No Words
9. Legend Of The Bare Knuckle Bronson
10. Redwood Original
11. House On A Hill
12. Knife Fight In A Phone Booth
13. Weight (LP only bonus track)