Bullet Tooth Records

Affiance "Blackout" $11.00
Affiance "No Secret Revealed" $9.00
Affiance "The Campaign" $9.00
Dead Icons "Condemned" from $9.00
Death Ray Vision "Get Lost Or Get Dead" $5.00
Death Ray Vision "Negative Mental Attitude" from $9.00
Death Ray Vision "We Ain't Leavin' Till You're Bleedin'" $9.00
Deception Of A Ghost "Life Right Now" $9.00
Deception Of A Ghost "Speak Up, You're Not Alone" $9.00
Earth Crisis "The Discipline" $5.00
First Blood "Silence Is Betrayal" from $9.00
Hostilities "No Cowards" from $9.00
Hostilities "Violent Breed" $10.00
I, Omega "The Ravenous" $5.00
I, Omega "Transients" from $9.00
Kid Liberty "Fight With Your Fists" $9.00
Kid Liberty "Fight With Your Fists" $11.00
Kid Liberty "Give Up. Give In." $4.50
Knockout Kid "Manic" from $9.00
Memphis May Fire "Between The Lies" $5.00
Mindfield "Seclusion Of Sanity" $18.00
Most Precious Blood "Do Not Resuscitate" $9.00
Nightshade "An Endless Vision" $9.00
Nightshade "Lost In Motion" $9.00
Overcast "Expectational Dilution" $20.00
Overcast "Fight Ambition To Kill" $20.00
Overcast "Only Death Is Smiling" $20.00
Overcast "Only Death Is Smiling: 1991-1998" $15.00
Ritual "s/t" $11.00
Save The Clock Tower "Wasteland" $9.00
The Paramedic "Diary Of My Demons" $9.00
The Paramedic "Smoke & Mirrors" $9.00
Throw The Fight "The Vault" $4.50
Victory In Numbers "Killing. Mourning. Love." $9.00