Bullet Tooth Records


I, Omega "Transients"

I, Omega is a progressive metal quintet from the Los Angeles, CA area dead set on creating a sound that is bold and unique, as well as easily digestible. The band has been tracking their debut album, "Transients," in Southern California with producer Daniel Castleman, who has done recent albums for As I Lay Dying, Suicide Silence, Trivium and many more. "Transients" will be released on Bullet Tooth. Now available on colored vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. Conflict Absolution (Act. I)
2. An Evening With Morning Star (Act. II)
3. Shuddering At Calm Seas
4. Suffer Now And Live
5. Half Way Home
6. The Rustling
7. Pyrite
8. Fake Somebodies: Real Nobodies
9. Shaking Hands With Sinatra
10. En Longa Somnum (Act. III)