Bullet Tooth Records


Death Ray Vision "We Ain't Leavin' Till You're Bleedin'"

Current members of Killswitch Engage and Shadows Fall have combined forces in the project Death Ray Vision and their debut, 12-song album, "We Ain't Leavin' Till You're Bleedin'," will be released on Bullet Tooth. These veterans of the Boston, MA metal scene play a raw brand of metallic hardcore that recaptures the energy of their old school hardcore roots infused with all they have learned and experienced as musicians over the past decade. Produced by legendary hardcore guru Dean Baltulonis, who has helmed albums for Sick Of It All, Agnostic Front, Madball and Most Precious Blood, these new songs are short blasts of energy and intensity built on thrash metal rhythms and chugging guitar riffs.

Track Listing:

1. We Ain't Leavin' Till You're Bleedin'
2. Over My Dead Body
3. Barfly
4. Condemned When You Were Born
5. Fuck Compromise
6. Live Fast... Never Die
7. Break Every Chain
8. This Is Progress
9. Choke
10. Your Shallow Grave
11. False Prophet
12. A Forest (Of Kegs)