Southern Lord Records


Xibalba "Anos En Infierno"


The eight damaging, new movements on Xibalba's "Anos En Infierno" culminate into the band's most brutalizing material to date, with more death-metal energy than ever fueling the album, with their trademark breakdown savagery fully on display in every track. For the past 13 years, Xibalba has been dedicated to carving a sound which combines unadulterated aggression booming out of the vocals, an ultra-heavy low-end frequency, colossal death-metal riffs, brutal hardcore breakdowns, and a trademark groove now synonymous with the group. Some aspects of this album remain consistent, such as the album's cover artwork once again being handled by long-time collaborator Dan Seagrave (Dismember, Entombed, Suffocation). 

Track Listing:

1. La Injusticia
2. Corredor De La Muerte
3. Santa Muerte
4. Saka
5. Anos En Infierno
6. En La Oscuridad
7. El Abismo I
8. El Abismo II