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Circa Survive "Juturna: Deluxe Ten Year Edition"

Rarely does a band's debut album become such a critic and fan favorite as "Juturna" has, which speaks to the unique magic created by Circa Survive during its writing and recording. Ten years after its release, the songs are still inspiring and fresh. This deluxe anniversary edition includes the original bonus track "Suspending Disbelief," 11 demo versions and six B-sides.

Track Listing:

1. Holding Someone's Hair Back
2. Act Appalled
3. Wish Resign
4. The Glorious Nosebleed
5. In Fear And Faith
6. The Great Golden Baby
7. Stop The Fuckin' Car
8. We're All Thieves
9. Oh, Hello
10. Suspending Disbelief (bonus track)
11. Always Getting What You Want
12. Meet Me In Montauk
13. Holding Someone's Hair Back (demo) (bonus track)
14. In Fear And Faith (demo) (bonus track)
15. We're All Thieves (demo) (bonus track)
16. Act Appalled (demo) (bonus track)
17. Stop The Fucking Car (demo) (bonus track)
18. The Glorious Nosebleed (demo) (bonus track)
19. Oh, Hello (demo) (bonus track)
20. Wish Resign (demo) (bonus track)
21. Suspending Disbelief (demo) (bonus track)
22. Always Getting What You Want (demo) (bonus track)
23. House Of Leaves (demo) (bonus track)
24. Julian (bonu