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Boysetsfire "The Misery Index: Notes From The Plague Years."

Boy Sets Fire are back home. For the last decade the band has persevered through many things, including vans blowing up mid-tour, releasing four records on four different record labels and touring continuously throughout the world. After being on the cutting edge of the then-new and unknown "emo" movement, Boy Sets Fire took to making the hardcore scene a positive thing. Known for giving something for fans to think about in addition to the sing-a-long was all part of the Boy Sets Fire mantra about hardcore and how they lived their lives. The band is now an official member of the Equal Vision Records family after years of friendship and releases, including a split with Snapcase (1999), the vinyl release of "Live For Today" (2002), the reissue of "The Day The Sun Went Out" (2004) and the b-sides compilation "Before The Eulogy" (2004). These releases formed the foundation for the band's most remarkable album in years, "The Misery Index: Notes From The Plague Years." The new album is filled with socially charged lyrics and the unmistakable Boy Sets Fire sound, which is sure to excite new and old fans equally. Get ready for a lesson from the true pioneers in post hardcore.

Track Listing:

1. Walk Astray
2. Requiem
3. Final Communique
4. The Misery Index
5. (10) And Counting
6. Falling Out Theme
7. Empire
8. So Long... And Thanks For The Crutches
9. With Cold Eyes
10. Deja Coup
11. Social Register Fanclub
12. Nostalgic For Guillotines
13. A Far Cry