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Bars Of Gold "Shelters"

For first-timers pressing play, it's about impossible not to be swept up in the the tidal forcefulness of the six-piece's gutsy, guitar-heavy new songs on "Shelters." Their third album is a composite of various intensities: an ambient post-rock record with torrential rhythms, a folk-metal foray with extremely keen sensibilities for dynamics, it's math rock for the pub, it's CBGBs if CBGBs were on the shore of a Great Lake, and it's also probably effectively evocative if you were to set it as a soundtrack to footage of mountain-bike stunts, parkour, or skateboard rail shreds. Try to dance to it and you twist an ankle, try to sing along with it and you might go hoarse, but if you do anything, just let the guitars, all four of them, wash over you in a gracefully interwoven sonic ballet of melodic distortion and taut, reverb-soaked riffs. Vinyl version includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Worthless Chorus
2. Atlantic City
3. $$20
4. Sometimes
5. Beans
6. Madonna
7. Montana
8. Plywood To Pines
9. G......