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The Business "Doing The Business"

Indisputably synonymous with anyone's recollection of the original surge of the British oi! movement would have to be South London's working class skinhead heroes, The Business. "Doing The Business" is a new, four-song studio EP with six additional live tracks, five of which are from the legendary Marquee recordings from 1982. "Doing The Business" is a new installment of the band's 30 years legacy and is a must-have for any fan's collection.

Track Listing:

1. Mean Girl
2. Don't Give A Fuck
3. Till The End
4. 1-2-3
5. Loud Proud 'N' Punk (live)
6. Blind Justice (live)
7. Suburban Rebels (live)
8. Harry May (live)
9. Smash The Discos (live)
10. One Thing Left To Say (live)