Sailor's Grave Records


The Business "Back In The Day"

Indisputably synonymous with anyone's recollection of the original surge of the British oi movement would have to be South London's working-class skinhead heroes, The Business. Since forming in 1979, the band has released more records than even some of the most longstanding punk bands, toured all over the world, released records on labels such as Epitaph, Taang, BYO, TKO, Captain Oi! and many more, as well as having Lars Frederickson (Rancid) produce one of their records and having shared a split release with Dropkick Murphys. Now they join forces with Sailor's Grave Records for the release of three killer, new, original tracks that will imprint the indelible sound and spirit of The Business deep in your heart.

Track Listing:

1. Back In The Day
2. Cuts Like A Shard (An Ode To The Banks)
3. Here's Johnny