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The Creepshow "Life After Death"


For the past eight years the The Creepshow has been smashing the whole world in the face with their brutal melange of punk, country, psychobilly and good, old-fashioned rock 'n' roll. Self-produced with the engineering magic of longtime friend Steve Rizun at Drive Studios (The Flatliners, Dillinger Four, Ill Scarlett, Protest The Hero, etc.), "Life After Death" is a sonic ear-gasm of debauched delights. This is the redefined, renewed, resurrected The Creepshow at their very finest.

Track Listing:

1. See You In Hell
2. The Devil's Son
3. Sinners & Saints
4. Born To Lose
5. Settle The Score
6. Failing Grade
7. Second Chance
8. Last Call
9. Take It Away
10. Can't Wait To See You Fall
11. Life After Death