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Stitch Hopeless & The Sea Legs "Gone Bats"

Stitch Hopeless & The Sea Legs is an American workin' class psychobilly band with punk and oi influences. Trashy, disturbed, punk-brewed psychobilly from the bleak desert landscape of Phoenix, AZ; this is voodoobilly punk rock for kids who threw their lives away long ago. A perfect sonic discovery for fans of Demented Are Go!, Frantic Flintstones, Misfits, Hank III and Gwar.

Track Listing:

1. Gonna Run
2. Trash Like Me
3. Corpse Fucker
4. Dead Alive
5. Gone Bats (alternate version)
6. Work & Drink
7. Johnny Dingle (They Eat Flesh)
8. Grey Laces
9. Blood Bath
10. Gone Bats
11. Been Around