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Greyhaven "The Bright And Beautiful World"


With two records under their belt ("Cult America" and "Empty Black"), the band began writing ""This Bright And Beautiful World" utilizing classic Greyhaven chaotic energy. Having written this record in five different locations, the band wanted to make sure that all of their ideas were able to present themselves once they entered the studio with producer Will Putney at Graphic Nature Audio. Taking pride in simply being "four guys who like to play music," Greyhaven left with a diverse ten songs that dive into themes of frustration, depression, the inability to fully express yourself, and appreciating the darker parts of life even though that may seem impossible at times. Vinyl version includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. In A Room Where Everything Dies
2. All Candy
3. A Painful And Necessary Action
4. More And More Hands
5. Of Snakes And Swans
6. Foreign Anchor
7. Fed To The Lights
8. The Quiet Shakes
9. And It's Still Too Loud
10. Ornaments From The Well