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Strung Out "Dead Rebellion"


For 35 years, Strung Out has been banging out their signature brand of intense, frenetic, metal-influenced punk, elevating the band to elite status, and playing a significant role in redefining the genre. Strung Out's tenth studio album, "Dead Rebellion," packs that same familiar punch, but with a new focus on melody, showing a band that is still evolving more than three decades into their distinguished career. Produced, mixed, and recorded by Shawn McGee, "Dead Rebellion" might represent a new chapter for Strung Out, but it's guided by the same principles that have always driven them. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Future Ghosts
2. Signal Fires
3. New Gods
4. White Owls
5. Life You Bleed
6. Cages
7. Empire Down
8. Resistance
9. Ceremony
10. Veronica's Song
11. Dystopian Party Bus
12. Plastic Skeletons