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Jupiter Hearts "All That Pain You Left Behind"


In this follow-up to their inaugural, self-titled EP, Jupiter Hearts dig into their not quite so nostalgic sound, laying bare an angst seasoned in their middle-aged hearts, but hauntingly familiar to all. In "All That Pain You Left Behind," the band shares six new songs, each a banger with its own musical story to tell. Jupiter Hearts is Rob Pennington (Endpoint, BTGOG, Black Cross, Black God), Charles Wood (Broken Hearts Are Blue), Tim Kriependorf (Triple Threat, The Living Memories), and Scott Wishart (Late Bloomer, Scout). Limited edition of 250 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Has Something Changed
2. Salt For The Heart
3. Two If By Sea
4. Sand Pulpit
5. Never Bought The Book Club
6. Something's Funny In Your Business