Iodine Recordings


Bucket Full Of Teeth "I / II / III / IV"


The avant-grind brainchild from the founding members of Orchid. Formed in 2001 through a shared love of the foundations of power violence, Will Killingsworth (Orchid, Ampere, No Faith, Vaccine) and Brad Wallace (Orchid, Wolves, Transistor Transistor) teamed up with drummer Matt Wilga (Cancer Kids) and began creating their particular brand of brutal grindcore and power violence that pushes the conventions of heavy music. For fans of Spazz, Full Of Hell, Charles Bronson, Suppression, Naked City, and Fantomas.

Track Listing:

1. It's A Setup
2. Conditioned Response
3. Selective Amnesia
4. These Frequencies Are Ours
5. Self-Induced Coma
6. If Everything Has A Price Than Nothing Has Value
7. Grind In A Tin Can
8. Piss In The I.V.
9. Dreams Of Dead Bosses
10. Sickened
11. Wake Up
12. Standing On Top Of A Mountain
13. Hollow
14. Exit Only
15. Psychosis
16. 23 Reasons To Play Grindcore
17. Coughing Up Wires
18. Empty Dreams
19. Empty Faces
20. Raised On Failure
21. Lost Keys
22. Null
23. Technical Desires
24. Dark Colossus
25. It's Heating Up
26. Listen
27. Here's Your Warning
28. Morizar
29. Fork Tie Response
30. Broadcast
31. Anger Of Convenience
32. Basic Delusions
33. 11302
34. Blast For Humanity
35. Imperfect Vibrations
36. Capital Districts & Imprisons
37. The Dream Continues
38. A Morbid Gathering
39. The Path
40. Comfort Made Us Passive
41. Error Is Progress
42. Confessions
43. The Present, Forsaken
44. A Hopeful Sound
45. Embrace The Current Of Time
46. Let Us Resonate