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Coalesce "Give Them Rope"


1997's "Give Them Rope" was the debut full-length from Kansas City noise merchants Coalesce and the dawning of a new era in noisy, chaotic, metallic hardcore.  Alongside Converge, Dillinger Escape Plan, etc., Coalesce would go on to help define the genre, throwing all time signatures and formula-based music out the window.  This landmark LP was originally released in 1997 on Edison Recordings, reissued by No Idea Records in 2008, and again my No Sleep Records in 2011 and has been out of print on vinyl ever since.

Track Listing:

1. Have Patience
2. One On The Ground
3. Cut To Length
4. For All You Are
5. Still It Sells
6. Chain Smoking
7. Did It Pay The Rent
8. Every Reason To
9. I Am Not The First
10. This Is The Last
11. I Took A Year