Relapse Records


Coalesce "Functioning On Impatience"


Coalesce's second LP "Functioning On Impatience" was originally released in 1998 on Second Nature Recordings and blew through eight pressings through 2008 and has been out of print on vinyl ever since.  Building upon the rawness of their debut "Give Them Rope," this LP takes the noise, discordant time signatures and off-kilter chords to a new, more focused level, with Sean Ingram's gutteral vocals providing the listener with a listening experience steeped in frustration and innovation.

Track Listing:

1. You Can't Kill Us All
2. Reoccurring Ache Of
3. A New Language
4. On Being A Bastard
5. My Love For Extremes
6. Measured In Gray
7. A Disgust For Details