Relapse Records


Coalesce "0:12 Second Revolution In Just Listening"


Written and recorded as the band was in the process of breaking up, but was released in 1999 partly to fulfill contract obligations.  Despite the haste in which it was produced, "0:12" packs the punch that Coalesce had become known and beloved for, a nine track blast of noisy, mathy metallic hardcore that left the band on the top of their game alongside contemporaries like Converge and The Dillinger Escape Plan.

Track Listing:

1. What Happens On The Road Always Comes Home
3. Burn Everything That Bears Our Name
4. While The Jackass Operation Spins Its Wheels
5. Sometimes Selling Out Is Waking Up
6. Where The Hell Is Rick Thorne These Days?
7. Jesus In The Year 2000/Next On The Shit List
8. Counting Murders And Drinking Beer (The $46,000 Escape)
9. They Always Come In Fall