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Zero Boys "Vicious Circle"


It came out of nowhere in 1982, this punk rock/hardcore fireball with the bright yellow sleeve. In one sense, the Zero Boys' "Vicious Circle" was yet another example of how US punk seemed to peak coast to coast that year. But unlike most coastal punk, the Indianapolis-based Zero Boys were pointing the way to a scene that could accommodate heaping helpings of melody, intelligence, and rock 'n' roll sus, not just turbo-charged ferocity. LP contains a coupon that for a limited time allows you to download MP3 audio files of the recordings.

Track Listing:

1. Vicious Circle
2. Amphetamine Addiction
3. New Generation
4. Dirty Alleys/Dirty Minds
5. Civilizations Dying
6. Livin' In The 80's
7. Drug Free Youth
8. Down The Drain
9. Outta Style
10. You Can Touch Me
11. Forced Entry
12. Hightime
13. Charlies' Place
14. Trying Harder
15. She Said Goodbye (bonus track)
16. Slam And Worm (bonus track)