Fortunate Son


Your Favorite Trainwreck "s/t"

Led by two influential members of the post-hardcore/pop-punk scene, Your Favorite Trainwreck features icons Jeff Caudill (ex-Gameface) and Popeye V. (ex-Farside) sharing the songwriting, lead singing and guitar duties. Their sound fuses Popeye's love of vintage power-pop (Elvis Costello, Joe Jackson) with Jeff's Southern California countryrock influences (Eagles, Jackson Browne) along with their own brand of heartfelt, melodic punk rock. This self-titled LP offers a slick, yet powerful, and scrappy sound, laden with heavy doses of vocal harmonies and layered instrumentation. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Let's Get Wrecked
2. Bounce Back
3. Late Expectations
4. The Brilliance
5. Broken Pieces
6. Forget How To Live
7. To Be Amazing
8. The Reason Why You Sang
9. Left Alone
10. On Tonight
11. Roll Out The Barrel