Arrest Records


Yellow Stitches "Good Times Violent Crimes"


Eleven songs (and a fistful of unplugged bonus tracks) conjuring the classic, early New Hampshire roots of The Bruisers through The Vanilla Muffins' patented, sugary oi filter. Working-class, singalong, oi chartbusters with pop hooks mixed with a steel-toe stomp of skinhead ignorance to balance it out. Now available again on vinyl with a gatefold cover. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Yellow Stitches
2. Queen City Eve
3. Manchester Party
4. Broken Bottles
5. Wrong Place Wrong Time
6. Tale Of A Fat Fucking Retard
7. Our City
8. Chopping Mall
9. N.F.N.C.
10. Fat Bastards
11. Vacation
12. Home
13. Broken Bottles (acoustic) (bonus track)
14. Manchester Party (acoustic) (bonus track)
15. Tale Of A Fat Fucking Retard (acoustic) (bonus track)
16. Queen City Eve (acoustic) (bonus track)