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Wristmeetrazor "Replica Of A Strange Love"


Emerging out of the gloom comes "Replica Of A Strange Love" - the new record from Wristmeetrazor. "Replica Of A Strange Love" is a modern take on metalcore, building on the foundations of their past to leave a shimmering trail of visceral energy in their wake. Still fashionably dead, now is the time to take note of Wristmeetrazor.

Track Listing:

1. Our Distress Entwined
2. Last Tango In Paris
3. Sycophant
4. Nietzsche Is Dead
5. Love's Labor's Lost
6. Anemic (The Same Six Words)
7. Eyes Of Sulfide
8. Dies Irae
9. 99 & 44/100
10. A Fractured Dovetail Romance
11. This Summer's Sorrow II: Growing Old In The Waiting Place
12. All The Way Alive