Iron Lung Records


Wound Man "Human Outline"


Wound Man has always been a band heavily influenced by the likes of Crossed Out and Infest, that's obvious, but what really makes them stand out is a heavy doom undercurrent that doesn't necessarily come out in the riffs, but the darkness of it is there. No rip-off shit, just tangible depression given to angry action via alternating/direct current. And that is some magnificent ugliness. LP includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. Intro
2. Human Outline
3. Leashed
4. Hollowed
5. Man Slaughter
6. Inner Turmoil
7. Jaw Bone
8. Drifter
9. Disillusion
10. Punisher
11. Chain
12. Infection
13. Dragged
14. Worse For Wear
15. Abstraction