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World Peace "It Is Written"


"It Is Written" finds World Peace continuing to refine their unique brand of unyielding, low-end mayhem. Since turning heads with their debut, "Come And See," this Bay Area, CA, four-piece has only gotten faster and heavier, refusing to grant the listener a moment's breath over these 20 new tracks. As brutally chaotic as it is rigorously disciplined, "It Is Written" showcases a group at the top of their game.

Track Listing:

1. It Is Written
2. Penance Unending
3. Heiromonk
4. With Arms Outstretched
5. Vows Of The Grand Schema
6. Katharsis
7. Dawn At Mount Athos
8. Vulgar Genuflection
9. Icon Corner
10. Alms And The Fabled Scarcity
11. Extracanonical
12. Hope Crusade
13. Upon Her Head (A Crown Of Twelve Stars)
14. Gnostic Reform
15. Veneration Of
16. All Encompassing Principle
17. Gnashing Of Teeth, Hissing Of Tongues
18. In Delirious Communion...
19. ...Shall Thee Many Be Made Righteous
20. Faith Alone