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Western Addiction "Frail Bray"

Make no mistake: Western Addiction hasn't gone sunshine and rainbows. Since forming in 2002, Western Addiction has defied easy categorization, and "Frail Bray" finds the band slipping further beyond the confines of hardcore. Western Addiction's attack has grown more nuanced, and the 11 tracks on "Frail Bray" show the band crafting songs that comfortably draw from a wide swath of rock 'n' roll while retaining punk's ferocity. Vinyl version includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. The Leopard And The Juniper
2. They Burned Our Paintings
3. Frail Bray
4. Lurchers
5. Rose's Hammer I
6. Rose's Hammer II
7. Laurette
8. Utter Despair
9. Wildflowers Of Italy
10. We Lived In Ultraviolet
11. Deranged By Grief
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